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Diphylleia grayi also known as the skeleton flower. The petals turn transparent with the rain.

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Joseph Gordon-Levitt will perform the role of Edward Snowden

The actor has reportedly agreed to take the lead role in the NSA whistleblower movie about Edward Snowden. Although the negotiations have not yet begun, both Gordon-Levitt and Snowden are keen on making it happen. Apparently, the production on The Snowden Files (the movie is titled after the book) is expected to start late in 2014 or in early in 2015.

The film is written and directed by Oliver Stone and will be based on two books, The Snowden Files: The Inside Story of the World’s Most Wanted Man and Time of the Octopus. It is known that Oliver Stone recently picked up the screen rights to the latter book after getting the former in June.

Everyone knows that Edward Snowden’s revelations lifted the lid on the practice of the mass government surveillance, which sparked a global furor. The former NSA contractor has been granted temporary asylum in Russia, which was then extended for another couple years, but Snowden still faces a 30-year prison sentence if he returns to the United States.

The Snowden Files movie could compete with a rival project known as No Place to Hide after the book by Glenn Greenwald. The latter is the freelance journalist who received thousands of classified documents from Edward a year ago. No Place to Hide is being brought to cinemas by James Bond producers Michael Wilson and Barbara Broccoli, but it seems that the Stone version will likely to arrive on the big screen first.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt, 33, is an actor who has successfully combined turns in critically acclaimed genre fare like Rian Johnson’s Looper and Batman movie The Dark Knight Rises with the roles in indie comedy drama fare, including 50-50, (500) Days of Summer and Don Jon. The latter was even directed by him. In addition, Gordon-Levitt will play the high wire artist Philippe Petit in forthcoming biopic The Walk, about his successful crossing of the World Trade Center’s Twin Towers in August 1974.

As for the director of the new movie, Oliver Stone has made a number of biographical political movies, including the one about the Kennedy assassination (JFK), the Bush administration’s “war on terror” (W), the Vietnam conflict (Platoon, Born on the Fourth of July and Heaven & Earth), and the Watergate break-in (Nixon).

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this is my “I’m okay” face while laying on my brand new bed that a very special person blessed me with. 

master of none

It’s really hard to stay focused, to keep the tears from falling, to keep a smiling, indifferent, comical expression. Why is being upset and emotional so discouraged?? isn’t crying and blubbering like a fool a healthy release? I’m pretty sure I believe that.. but why then can’t I let myself react to this like a normal person. Why do I keep on insisting that I must remain as stoic as possible..

Because IT FUCKING HURTS and I’m so tired of that pain of breaking heartbeats, tearing vessels, crushed lungs, closed, dry throats, puffy, exhausted eyes. I’m so tired of wasting my life away on pain.. 

Pain is NOT fucking beautiful you horrible, inconsiderate, stupid person. I can’t believe I held onto that idea for so long. I can’t believe I let you convince me of that. Do you know how unhealthy I made that romantisized motto of yours?? Gosh.. fuck you. Fuck all of this. 

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This Is Big: Scientists Just Found Earth’s First-Cousin

Right now, 500 light years away from Earth, there’s a planet that looks a lot like our own. It is bathed in dim orangeish light, which at high noon is only as bright as the golden hour before sunset back home. 

NASA scientists are calling the planet Kepler-186f, and it’s unlike anything they’ve found. The big news: Kepler-186f is the closest relative to the Earth that researchers have discovered. 

It’s the first Earth-sized planet in the habitable zone of another star—the sweet spot between too-hot Mercury-like planets and too-cold Neptunes— and it is likely to give scientists their first real opportunity to seek life elsewhere in the universe. “It’s no longer in the realm of science fiction,” said Elisa Quintana, a researcher at the SETI Institute. 

But if there is indeed life on Kepler-186f, it may not look like what we have here. Given the redder wavelengths of light on the planet, vegetation there would sprout in hues of yellow and orange instead of green.

Read more. [Image: NASA Ames/SETI Institute/JPL-Caltech]


i’m pretty well sure aliens are inevitable. 

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Ferguson residents return for another day of protesting to find that overnight the police had ripped up their signs and threw them in the dumpster. 

September 27th

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86 years ago today (1927) Gutzon Borglum began defacing the sacred BlackHills with Mt. Rushmore.

Everyone must remember that “Mt. Rushmore” (the Black Hills) does not legally belong to the federal government, and especially not to South Dakota.  It was acknowledged as belonging to the sovereign Lakota Nation in the Sioux Treaty of 1868.  The federal government STOLE the Hills from the Lakota, breaking the law they wrote with their own hands!  The US is a repeat criminal but no one holds them accountable!

never fucking forget.

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1,200 aboriginal Canadian women have gone missing over the past 30 years. Hashtag asks #AmINext?

On Aug. 17, Winnipeg police pulled the body of 15-year-old Tina Fontaine out of the Red River near Alexander Docks.

The scope of the tragedy prompted Holly Jarret of Hamilton, Ont. — cousin to Loretta Saunders, an indigenous woman who was murdered in February at age 26 — to launch the #AmINext hashtag earlier this month.

So, what’s being done about it? | Follow micdotcom